Kwikstage Scaffolding has become prevalent in the construction industry, Maintenance and Housing industries.

The ability of Kwikstage Scaffold to provide a safe working platform for all the trades and maximise productivity is second to none. Modular Kwikstage Scaffolding

has always been the preferred method of preventing falls from heights and providing safe access.

The use of fixed Modular Scaffolding Systems is generally safer than temporary work platforms. This is because fixed Scaffolding are secured to the structure, are

not moved once in place, and do not require operation by a qualified operator.

If your company is a constant user of Scaffolding or you have a long term Scaffolding requirements you may be surprised at the savings which can be made by owing

an amount of Scaffold rather than paying hire.

KwikUP specialises in the supply of Kwikstage Scaffold for Sale to Australian building and construction industry.

KwikUP components are manufactured from steel with low carbon content making the steel more malleable.

This allows the parts to be formed without cracking and allow the parts to bend rather than snap when abused on sites.

Individual parts can be replaced when necessary and available from KwikUP

KwikUP has full range of Scaffolding components to allow you to utilize your scaffold for many different application

  • Parameter Access
  • Bird cages
  • Formwork support
  • Staging
  • Stair access
  • Public protection
  • Mobile scaffold
  • Maintenance access
  • Hand railing
  • Edge protection
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