Kwikstage Scaffolding: The #1 choice for reliability and safety

Kwikstage scaffolding has become a household name in the construction industry, being relied upon by firms around both Australia and New Zealand for its unrivalled ability to maximise productivity while also being as safe as possible for workers. Experts from all trades appreciate the simple reliability and flexible utility of this leading scaffolding system.

KwikUP is Australia’s most affordable supplier of Kwikstage Scaffold equipment to the Building and Construction industry.

The benefits of Kiwkstage modular scaffolding

The Kwiskstage scaffolding system is modular, which means that it is highly versatile and can be altered to fit different purposes as required. This type of system is particularly useful in situations where the façade of a building is not uniform and makes a traditional scaffolding system unviable.


The primary utility of the modular Kwikstage system is that it allows for the platforming to be altered to suit different shapes, allowing easier access to certain structures. The system is made up of several modular components that make it simple to modify the platforming to suit the project as it changes.

The Kwikstage system has been explicitly designed so that it can be adapted to different situations and accommodate the changing needs of contemporary worksites, where the work done at heights is only becoming more elaborate with each passing year. Workers demand a safe, flexible, and easy-to-use system – this product meets these needs.

Ease of use

One reason why Kwikstage scaffolding is so popular with tradespeople from all backgrounds is due to the simplicity of erecting and tearing it down. It is a fasten-free system that is assembled in a series of individual grids. In a single move, four horizontal brackets can be attached to a single pressing, significantly speeding up the process of erecting the system.

Far fewer workers are required to set up Kwikstage scaffolding than would be needed for a traditional product, which helps you save money in labour costs and reduces liability.


Another benefit of these modular components is that they can be more easily taken apart and transported, making it less of a hassle to tear down and erect the system on different jobs. Because Kiwkstage is designed to minimise the number of loose components, it is an incredibly safe scaffolding system that maintains a stable vertical alignment and is highly durable against wear.

Accessory components

Because of the flexible design of the system, there’s no shortage of handy accessory components you can buy to enhance the versatility of your platforming solutions.

The KwikUP difference

At KwikUP, we specialise in the supply of Kwikstage scaffolding systems for use by Australia construction firms that need a safe, reliable, and flexible platforming solution. Our unrivalled expertise when it comes to the specifics of this brand makes us your more reliable choice when it comes to erecting and modifying this excellent product.

We enjoy working with firms who that make routine use of scaffolding systems and are looking for a way to reduce costs, enhance worker safety, and bring a higher level of flexibility in how they approach new and existing projects. At KiwkUP, we love seeing the look of surprise our customers have when they realise how much money they can save by owning a Kiwkstage scaffolding system, rather than continuing to hire expensive products which must be returned post-project.

The components we supply are made with low carbon steel, making it far more malleable while still retaining strength. This means that parts can bend to accommodate the pressures of the worksite, rather than crack or snap like a traditional system is liable to do. Obviously, this makes the scaffolding system much safer for workers, especially over long periods, where the platform will remain in the same configuration for several months at a time.

At KwikUP, we carry the full suite for compatible Kwikstage components, giving you the maximum amount of versatility to tackle any project. Take a look at our product range for yourself.

Some of the applications of our additional Kwikstage components include:

  • Parameter Access
  • Birdcages
  • Formwork support
  • Staging
  • Stair access
  • Public protection
  • Mobile scaffold
  • Maintenance access
  • Handrailing
  • Edge protection

Is Kwikstage scaffolding right for me?

If you’re the kind of professional who consistently requires a reliable scaffolding system, it’s difficult to look past the benefits of owning your own Kiwkstage system. The marriage of enhanced versatility and safety means that once you invest a set of Kwikstage modular scaffolding, it’s the only platforming solution you will ever need, allowing you to add to/modify it as you move from one project to the other.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the Kwikstage system and/or how KwikUP can help set you up with an ideal arrangement for the projects you’re taking on.

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