Scaffold Systems – Common Types mostly used in Construction work

Scaffolding is essential for offering a safe location for construction workers to operate on while carrying out required maintenance or building operate to large structures. Scaffold Systems must be safe and sturdy, in order to ensure the safety of those who are using the levels to reach the buildings, as well as those who are walking beneath the levels at the base of the buildings. KwikUP actively promotes and uses a high-quality modular scaffolding system on all projects. It leads the market through quality, versatility, adaptability, speed, safety, and simple compact storage and transportation.
There are different types of scaffold systems that are used to construct or repair buildings. Let’s discuss some of the most common types of Scaffold systems generally used in Construction work:

  • Suspended Scaffold Systems: In this type of scaffold system, the scaffold is hung with the cord from the top of construction or structure. Suspended scaffold systems comprise of levers, pulleys, and switches.
  • Supported Scaffold Systems: This type of scaffold system is made from the base upward and comprises of timber and rods for creating an ensnared support.
  • Aerial Lifts: Aerial lifts are essentially elevated equipment which comes with the facility to be brought up and taken to other heights and places.
  • Birdcage Scaffold Systems: This type of scaffold system comprises over two strings of perpendicular rods or upright beams that are joined by flat parts, mostly windowpanes or ledgers.
  • Mobile Scaffolding: Mobile scaffold systems are critical for enhanced portability and speed.
  • Cantilever Scaffold Systems: In this structure, the scaffold is reinforced or joined at one part only.
  • Fixed Scaffolding: As the name suggests, this type of scaffold system is static at one position and usually preferred for construction work which will take some time to complete.

KwikUP is committed to providing the most beneficial solution for each and every application with regards to the best quality, cost, and safety.

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