Galvanised and painted formwork props

Galvanised and painted formwork props for sale Australia wide. Formwork props are the perfect solution for temporary support during construction. Our props are tested and approved as per Australian safety standards.

KwikUP’s adjustable load bearing construction props are designed for temporary support for walls, formwork, ceilings & overhead structures during construction & remedial work.

KwikUP Scaffold and Formwork offer Acrow Props for sale. The Formwork Acrow props are used by residential and commercial builders and trades.

Formwork Acrow Props are an economical, practical and versatile solution constructed from heavy-duty steel to provide support between 1075mm and 4870mmm high. Please refer to the chart for the load limits of all sizes of Formwork Props.

The Acrow Prop is a convenient equipment for building sites, as it is very easy to place in position. Reinforcing concrete beams and floors is a cinch while scaffolding applications are also possible. This versatile equipment also promotes safety and stability while working on projects.

Acrow Props for sale are available in Green painted and Galvanised finish. We sell the Formwork Acrow Props individually or in packs of 50 pieces. If you wish to import container loads, then we can paint the props to any colour of your choice or galvanized finish. Our Acrow Props are available in Electroplated Galvanised Steel And Painted. Manufactured And Tested To AS610-1995 Standards.

Call KwikUP Scaffold and Formwork on 02 97292122 for the best pricing, availability and test certificates and specifications on Formwork Acrow Props for sale.

Galvanised and painted formwork props sizes:

Prop #MinLoadMaxLoad
Prop No 01075 mm24.5 kN1820 mm21.5 kN
Prop No 11750 mm24.0 kN3120 mm9.5kN
Prop No 21990 mm31.5 kN3350 mm8.0kN
Prop No 32595 mm29.0 kN3950 mm6.0kN
Prop No 43200 mm16.0 kN4870 mm5.0kN
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