Scaffold galvanised steel plank for sale

Our scaffold galvanised steel plank are tested and approved as per Australian standards AS 1577-2013. The steel plank spans between the transoms giving a non slip surface. Used to make pathway in the scaffold structure and provides a safe walking platform.

KwikUP’s Scaffolding Steel Boards have been load tested for working load limit [WLL] 250Kg.  Our testing has been conducted in accordance with the following safety procedures:

  • Stiffness Test
  • Strength Test
  • Sliding Test
  • Coefficient of Friction test

In addition to the aforementioned performance tests, dimensional checks were conducted to determine the planks’ geometrical properties.

GEOMETRICAL OBSERVATIONS of Scaffolding steel boards as follows :

Prior to load performance testing, scaffold planks were examined for configuration requirements in accordance with the below referenced clauses of AS/NZS 1577. Dimensional and configurational details of the planks were recorded as follows:

 (Clause 1.5). The length of the planks was 2.4m (nom.) and the width 230mm (nom.): PASS

 The planks’ base metal thickness was measured to be 1.8mm.

 (Clause 1.9). The planks were stamped with the identification markings ‘KwikUP AS/NZS 1577:2013 WLL 250kg UDL’: PASS

 (Clause 6.4). End caps were welded to both ends of the scaffold planks. The end caps were fitted flush to the ends of the planks: PASS

 (Clause 6.5). The surface of the planks was perforated with 8.0mm (nom.) circular openings. The preformation openings had a nominal area of 50.3mm

 (Clause 6.5). All surfaces of the planks were free from burrs and sharp edges: PASS

 (Clause 6.6). The planks were fabricated from galvanised steel sheet to prevent corrosion: PASS

 Lateral bracing metal straps were welded between the bottom flanges at 0.8m and 1.6m on the 2.4m long planks.

Steel Board Dimentions


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